January 2, 2012


I have denied you... forgotten you... betrayed you... my followers and my blog... I have been super busy with packing (which, trust me - I AM NOT complaining) and creating that I have not even been online much... sometimes, that is a great thing though, right? (The not being online) Sometimes we must "STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER" and focus on family and what is real around us....

I want to take a moment and bid adieu to 2011 - I really don't think I will miss you... although, that might be bad to say, because all in all - I did have a great year... nothing is perfect in life... NOTHING. I keep hearing folks say.. 2012, please be better than 2011... BUT, if we didn't have 2011, we wouldn't be here where we are today...2011 GOT US TO 2012!!!!!!!!

Did great things happen? Did you learn something new? Did you meet new friends? Did you learn a new trade? Did you doo something great? I could keep going... but you get the jest of it... if you did ANY of these things...... NO REGRETS then 2011 was an OUTSTANDING YEAR... pick out the positive folks.... (I am telling myself this as I tell you all this...)

Live every day... I mean LIVE IT... love those in your life.. embrace all the small things... pay attention to the beautiful things around you (not the materialistic)... BE happy, just BE.... ya'll - this life will be gone before we know it and if we sit here and dwell on the bad, and look forward to a new day and not enjoy the one right here today, we will NEVER be happy.... MAKE EACH DAY A HAPPY ONE... if it is turning out to be a sh*tty one, do what you have WITHIN YOU to end it on a POSITIVE, UPLIFTING one...You DO have the power to do that...

Smile at a complete stranger... tell them hello and/or Happy New Year... hug an animal.. hug a tree (hell, I don't care)..just do something you know will make your day greater....

I used to call myself queen of the b*itch and moan club.. not anymore... I resign as president.. I don't want that position anymore... we gotta get out of this rut we are in... with the economy... the negativity on the news... it is breaking us down folks... and we, as the PEOPLE, have the power to change it...

So - here is to US.. a New Year.. turning a new leaf.... being us... loving ourselves... sticking with goals and/or dreams.... loving others.... spreading love.... can I get a HHAAAIIILLLL YEEAAAHHHHHH?

Thanks for being here... I leave you with inspiration..... Talk soon, ya hear?


  1. Fabulous post ms. C....happy to read your positive thoughts, we ALL need to take charge of our lives and make each day we are given the best day evar!!! **hugs** ML

  2. I am so happy you liked it.. I was worried about the curse words, but that IS WHO I AM! And I refuse to stray from that.. I love you and wish you oodles of success, love, and happiness ! xo

  3. Swear words? I didn't see any! lol Seriously, great post and so true. Happy 2012, my friend!

  4. Thanks FS! So glad you read AND commented.. I just literally fell out of my chair.... I the curse words... I replaced SYMBOLS so they wouldn't seem so hard core... :)

    Only YOU can make YOU happy! WORDS I LIVE BY!! :)