January 6, 2012


So my GREAT Aunt Pam sent this to me this morning...
And instead of speaking my words to you... I wanted to SHARE these.. for those that have children... it will make your heart... well, you will see... I wish you all a Happy WEEKEND! We made it ! Smooches!
Until tomorrow....(or the next day...lol)

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

- Elizabeth Stone
(Some of us, like myself, didn't make the decision - it just happened - but it doesn't change how you feel... you are a forever changed person.."

There comes a time in each child's life when they are faced with critical decisions and we, as parents, must sit back in silent witness and observe their choices. We hang intently on the outer edges of their judgment-making processes hoping to get a glimpse of the honesty, empathy, kindness, compassion, respect and responsibility we modeled for them. Children naturally adopt behaviors they observe in us -- we are the example of what they will be in the world. The curiosity of what they will choose often has us questioning our own values and character. Did who we really are speak loudly enough for them to hear? Can they find the same fire within to stand in integrity and light when life is creating a challenging adventure for them? Have our own accomplishments as parents passed the legacy of Wisdom on to our greatest channeling of joy?

Lately I have had a number of conversations with parents that have revolved around this very subject. The moms and dads find themselves having to trust the journey and the heart wisdom of their most precious creation. There is distress and concern that a son or daughter won't have the courage or conscience to make the right choice. I have urged them to remember the depth of commitment they have given to parenting, and while children usually choose the lesser standard of behavior first they eventually come back to the framework they were raised in.

We all learn about what we value through trial and error, so why would it be any different for our children? If you have any doubts about the confidence and truth your child possesses I beg you to get up right now, walk up to your child and stare into his or her eyes. The reflection you see is the Intelligence of the adult they will become. Sure, it may take a while to mature but I guarantee if you blazed a trail of authenticity and were a living example of what you want to see in your children it will show up. It can't not!

Never lose sight of the energy, thoughtfulness and love that is sometimes hidden within a blanket of chaos and denial my friends.

The time will come when your children will clean up their acts and meet their challenges with the allowance of values you have embodied in them.

Remember, our children are the messages we are sending into a future we may never see,


  1. This is so beautiful Courtney! You are so right. The teen years have had numerous challenges but I have accepted that life is a journey. I somehow thought my kids would never make a mistake or bad decision. I also thought it reflected on me as a parent. But there are times we have to let them fall on their face and pick up the pieces and learn. Through the valleys we have all come out as stronger persons. I love what I see in my kids and know that life isn't perfection.

  2. Hello Courtney! I was just cruising your Etsy shop and saw that you have a blog now so I added myself as a follower (fuzzy grey icon, it's supposed to be cherubs!). I think I sent you my blog link a while back after you created me my gorgeous Lavender lamp which is now in my bedroom about 5 feet away from me:) My bedroom is a haven of lavender!

    My boys are all 18 and over now but the worry and challenge doesn't stop with that! Times are hard right now and it's painful watching them try to find a job or sign up for all the college classes they need but can't get in:( But as long as they're healthy then I'm not complaining!

    Have a great day!

  3. Hey Victoria ! I totally remember you ! Thanks for joining.... I will ponder on over and find your blog, because I remember you mentioning me... thanks to you both for commenting... I might need a shoulder to cry on from afar when my son goes away to college, then again - he might stay.. but I KNOW ... there will be a time when he will be on his own, and I hope I handle it well... I just thought this was beautiful... again, I didn't write it... my awesome aunt sent it to me and I HAD to share... My love to you all !