December 11, 2011

Afternoon ya'll.....

I am getting a very late start with my quotes and posts today...

Today, I am somber, and not really full of much pep and personality...we are all allowed days like that.... hell, we are women... hear us "roar"....I just want to focus on my shoppe... getting more listed and creating new stuff! Creating always takes me "out of my body" (if you will), or lets me escape to another place. I so love what I do... can someone please wave their magic wand and provide my family with health insurance and make me famous so I can do it full time? BWHA!

I work a day job... in the corporate world...and dealing in the corporate world is tough stuff... I don't particularly care for it, because it is not WHO I AM. I am a people person... I tend to always put others before me, and corporate folks, well we know how that ball rolls.... very self-absorbed and not concerned with who they hurt along their way to the top.

Enough about that... It is Sunday, I am super stoked to see another day and what a beautiful day it is! I am excited about listing new items in my shoppe... and I am actually excited about my blog! I look forward to sharing a piece of me with you every day..... without scaring you away in the process! :0

I hope whatever you do today, you are filled with sunshine and smiles.... I know a lot of you will be watching football... I have avid Cowboy fans in my household, and when they don't win - oh LAWD - Katy bar the door... get prepared and hold on tight, cause ya'll - it ain't pretty! So with that said...


  1. WOOOHOOOOO - I have comments ! I am THRILLED!!!! Thank ya'll... means so very much!

  2. wish you could open a shop and workspace. you'd like that.

  3. damn they make it hard to post a f'ing comment. sheesh

  4. I know...its like pulling teeth but i love u for being here... Xo