December 15, 2011

Working on lots of new stuff!!!!

I am working on a nightstand.... let's say "gum drop" girlie DREAM! A side table similar to the "naked" legs one I have listed, but I went for totally Pottery Barn in shades of GREY! Totally Anthropologie too !

I am also working on three colorful chicken wire message boards... the frames are TO DIE FOR ! I adore them..... I have a new 3 piece frame collection that includes the coolest candle holder/candelabra EVER!

Also going to start working on V-day... I really didn't prepare myself enough for Christmas, so I will not make the same mistake with Valentine's day....

I cannot wait to reveal everything to ya'll....

I keep forgetting to post before and after pics, because I get so excited I start painting right away! When I have an idea.. I just DO IT or I will forget what I was thinking about (kind of like needing a list for the grocery store or you are completely dumbfounded when you get there)... anyone else have that problem?

Anyways... I look forward to tomorrow and posting great new things and blogging again... Thanks for being here... it means the mostest! xo

And with that.. I leave you with a laugh... #youknowyoudoit!

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