December 29, 2011

I am doing it... progress folks... and another recipe !

I have not faltered from the diet plan! Walking briskly every other day for 30 minutes.... and drinking a TON of water! I will weigh this weekend and see if I notice just the slightest of difference and let ya'll know...

I cooked this last night... TALK ABOUT SIMPLE AND FAB!
How can you resist a crockpot recipe?

1 lb hamburger-browned with onion/salt/pepper
3 cans campbells minestrone soup (the regular white/red can...dont try and get creative trust me!)
1 can corn---juice and all
1 can rotel tomatos
1 can ranch style beans
thats it!!! brown hamburger with onion, salt, & pepper. open the 6 cans and dump in pot. stir it up and just let it cook itself. i do add some water and sometimes a small can of tomato sauce because i like it a little saucy...for dipping crackers or yummy rolls. can be made in crockpot all day or on stovetop.

(I added beef broth and water for a more saucy effect....)
Oh, and I topped mine with mozzarella cheese, but cheese is like my best friend - too each his own...
Smooches !


  1. I love it saucy too - even better then sauce is a can of tomato PASTE!!! Sweetens it up a bit : D ( you know like me?) hahahahaha

  2. Try it ya'll... I think it is the ranch beans that do it..... add whatever your little heart desires, it is FABU!!!!!!!!!!!! xo