December 16, 2011


And Happy Friday!

I am on my first cup of java... and LAWD DO I NEED MORE.. they need to invent some sort of IV ... that quickly puts caffeine into your veins.... I mean really, coffee is my only vice... I splurge every now and then on a FIVE DOLLAR latte from Starbucks, which I should say, is completely ABSURD! BUT, I don't drink, smoke.....I color my own hair... I don't get facials, massages, etc. I get my nails done and a haircut every now and then... and that is it.... where am I going with this, I have no idea... BBWWHAA!!!!!!!!!!!

So it is Friday... my plans are to clean my house, which, by the way, is ALWAYS clean because I am an OCD freak... I mean, I actually get excited when they come out with a new cleaning fragrance, yet they don't clean worth a #*(*&(#&(... I heard that you should make your own cleaner with vinegar... you can even use it in your laundry ..... I guess I need to ponder this... PLUS, you are saving money at the same time.... Ok, back to subject.....

I will also work on Etsy... I went to the doctor yesterday and my car veered towards Goodwill.. I LOVE when that happens.... found lots of frames.... I think I am in the mood for another FESTIVAL of COLOR frame collection..... they are so fun and vibrant... and not too mention I love color... and I love people that love color... (read the crayon quote folks)...

I hate the shabby chic, all white, clean cottage look... blah! I want it rugged, rough, rusty and crusty, with a pop of color.... TOTALLY my style..along side a beat up wooden piece of furniture - throw in a ruffled pillow... Is that total rock star status or WHAT?!?!? (Goes back to my future farmhouse that doesn't exist!)


With that said.... have a fantabulous weekend... whatever you do...

YES, I will blog this weekend (for those that wait on my posts with baited breath... LOL)....


  1. My style - I think I am all over the map with everything - just nothing formal. I don't like formal. I like modern but I don't have much that is modern except a kitchen table and chairs. The rest of my house is comfy, cushy, a bit Pottery Barn, and a bit eclectic. I've got antiques scored from auctions LONG ago and some found in shops along the way. I buy what appeals to me - including art, women's art, (e.g. quilts and fiber arts) and of course what appeals to me changes. I recently tore down the Ralph Lauren cabbage rose wallpaper I'd had in my dining room for 25 years and painted the walls a warm peachy bisque color called "fennel seed" - feels so uncluttered and clean now. The kids were mad. They were also mad about my having the house painted all new colors. They don't like change. I've lived in my rambling old 1910 monstrosity for 25+ years now and I do like to change things up every now and then. Back to my style - only label I can truly give it is free-form eclectic... going with the flow and where the joy is.

  2. actually looking at your post again - I do think my foundational style is funky farmhouse - part of my roots, I think growing up in small town Iowa.

  3. i dont' have a style. if i like it i decorate with it. have lots of vintage stuff but will throw in something new if it strkes my fancy. lately, i've been attracted to mid-century modern. i don't mind the white/pastels of shabby chic but in general it's not me altho i have a few shabby chic things. love lamps and furniture and need to live in a warehouse so i can have everything on display.

  4. Sal - you know I am so happy you found me - our color scheme - SOOOOO much alike... my MAGENTA QUEEN!

    Suki- I think you are definitely a Hollywood Regency/Deco diva... with a bit of modern flair !

    THANK YOU GUYS for SAYING SOMETHING !!!!!! Love ya'll...

    And Sally - you are one of the ones I want to kick your butt for living in an old farmhouse.. LMAO ! BWWHHHHAAAA jk