December 15, 2011

Ok.....My philosophy on children and parenting

Now this is through MY eyes... each person has their own parental skills, way of acting/reacting, etc... but I wanted to share this post with you that I wrote back in August...

Before that, let me pause by saying.... WOW, I totally feel like Christian Slater in "PUMP UP THE VOLUME".... I have an audience... really willing to "listen" to what I have to say... and it feels fantabulous... I hope... with every fiber in my body that I can make a difference with this blog.... That folks will open their hearts and minds....

SO, here it goes...

So I have a new life philosophy and I know you are all dying to hear about it.

I believe we should follow the parental roles of wild animals, or any animals in this case - to raise our children. They nuture and love them, but also give them tough love. They teach them early on how to hunt, live, and protect themselves so that they are not lost as they get older. As they age, they let them go, with total confidence that they have taught them exactly what to do and not to do in their environment, so they can repeat this healthy cycle, and do the same with their children.

There are so many people, like myself, that want to shelter and keep their children from all the hurt in the world, yet not letting them experience life and LEARN how life really is. By doing everything for them, or buying them everything they want, we are hurting them dearly. Before you know it, it is time for college, and mom and dad are not there to do things for them, and they are lost. We must again, love them with all our heart, TRUST them, teach them, but also show a little bit of tough love and make them aware of what it is they must do to survive in this world and raise a family of their own one day. You must learn to SET BOUNDARIES AND NOT ENABLE your children.......

I had my child young, and was not prepared for the life ahead of me.. I have done so many things wrong that I thought were absolutely RIGHT and helping him when in fact - they were setting him up for failure. Our children need to learn responsibility, respect, how to cook, clean, do their laundry, go to the store, and so many other aspects of life... some of the most simple things we don't think about that make such a huge impact when they are thrown into society to be and act like an adult and live a life we didn't teach them.

This is how I feel. I am "journaling" through facebook again. I feel this is an important for others to read. I am not knocking anyone's parental skills, as it is tough, just voicing my opinion. I have learned this late in life, but trying to do the best from this day forward.

You will see as I do now, that if you don't do these things, you will kill yourself mentally and emotionally as they age and harm their chances of being a functioning adult in today's society.

The bear story made me realize how incredibly smart they are at raising and taking care of their kids... most importantly doing what is in their best interest as a parent should in teaching their children survival skills, love, and being a role model.

It's not just what they learn in school that prepares them for life folks ... it is what they are taught at home as well.... Just think about it.

And now..... a picture... of my son... whom I love more than anything on this earth... he is my everything....

Oh, and anyone that wants to hand over a modeling contract - don't hold back... we will take it with arms open wide ... LOL ! ;)


  1. The bear story I am referring to was in China I believe, where they were torturing the Mother and baby bear, and the Mother broke her way out of the room to smother and kill her young cub, then ran herself into a wall - committing suicide, so they wouldn't have to be subjects to such animal cruelty... This opened my eyes and made me realize even more so than I already do... that animals are very smart and have feelings....

  2. Beautifully said and with Courtney "style"...agree with all you wrote and your son is such a beautiful reflection of your hard work!! Love ya kiddo and happy to see you have hit the blog train...WOOHOO;-)

  3. Love you back Mary LOU HOOOOOO... Once I figure it out... I hope to have a link to all those I love and support me on this page, which includes YOU! Just gotta figure it all out !
    Smooches and much love,

    And thank you for your kind words !