December 27, 2011


So Christmas is said and done with and now we approach New Year's.... What did everyone do for Christmas? Was it an enjoyable one? Hectic? Dramatic? Peaceful? I must say....this year was the FIRST year in my life that I spent Christmas with just myself and my husband (who-btw will be writing really soon on the blog)... it was serene, peaceful, and just downright lovely. I worked on Etsy a little bit because I am so excited about my new home decor collections... we watched a movie.. went and ate at the local buffet (yes, they were open and I FELT HORRIBLE going, but I went anyways)... after that we checked out a couple Christmas lights and went home. SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE...

Sometimes that is the best way to approach life. With simplicity. I know it can be terribly hard when you have family, especially children, but it makes life easier... Yes, we will always have hardships, heartaches, and/or bad things happen... but after the storm comes the sun.. and better things to come. Just think about it... De-clutter your home... plan ahead (dinners, clothing, etc)... think of ways to make your life easier and simpler. I saw this on Pinterest (yes, my name is Courtney and I am an addict) and thought what a great idea... so this can kind of be your first step in the direction of simplying your life... finding more time for the GREAT stuff.... but LAWD whatever you do, don't let it interfere with walking... and if it does, lets go with plan B! LOL!

I am at work today, and I am sure it will be a long, sllllooowwww week, but I must get back to my duties and bid you adieu....(See I made this SIMPLE yet sweet...) Smooches !

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  1. Amen sister! This week I've been organizing and tossing and SIMPLIFYING!!!