December 21, 2011


Did you miss me? I am so sorry for my abrupt absence.....I went back to work after being off and LIFE happened again! LOL! Work has been insanely busy… then I come home to my other job and well, blogging is not on my mind, nor does it fit into my schedule. I am so sorry… I don’t get many comments, so hell, I don’t even know if I was missed…. LOL!

My topic today is the show Rescue Me… I know it has been over with for some time, but my husband and I found it on Netflix (the greatest invention ever BTW)… started with season 1… and couldn’t stop. It is THE greatest show I think I have ever seen…. Laughter, tears, drama, pain, passion, anger, and so many other feelings hit you while watching….. You, in a crazy way, actually “welcome” these characters into your home, and it is one hell of a ride….. I recommend this show to everyone (though, I warn you – there is a lot of sex, crude, rude, and disturbing episodes – but that is what we call REALITY!)….

Well, my husband and I finished the last episode the other night… of the final season… and I am sad! Like a part of my life is gone and/or missing… isn’t that the craziest thing? Do you ever feel that way after watching a movie and/or television show that ends?

We cried, laughed, and gave this show so much of ourselves…… it gave so much to us… and like that, it is gone… I am saddened ….. And I will miss the hell out of every single character and the show in general….. Isn’t it crazy how a show can be such a powerful force in your life?

That is why I blame the media (e.i. - television, radio, etc) for our kids turning to sex, drugs, and poor judgment calls in life… I believe these teen pregnancy shows and the constant talk about DO NOT DO DRUGS, etc actually is more of an enticement than a warning… it does more harm than good…. My point with all of this is that if a show can make such an impact in MY LIFE… then what the hell is this social network doing to our children?

I know, like always, I am all over the place… but does anyone get it? Do you agree or disagree with me?

With that, I leave you as always with a quote…..

“Whoever controls the media - the images - controls the culture.”
Allen Ginsberg

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  1. i hate when one of my shows's heart breaking. i lost two soaps in the last couple of years, and i was really sad. i don't even want to think about and of my other shows ending. it was hard enough to lose Jericho. lol