December 13, 2011

Things are looking up!

Feeling a bit better today.... but where in the world are my followers? I yearn for ya'll...... come on over! Don't be skeered!

I am thinking of doing a give-away on my own blog... I can do whatever I want, right? I did a give-away on another blog... the girl won... kicker - was she was in Canada and the shipping just isn't worth the prize! UGH! So, when I reach 300 followers on facebook, I will give away a $25.00 credit/gift card (what have you) ..... I will let my husband choose the winner.... I will not say a word... promise. How do folks normally choose a winner anyways... can someone explain that to me... I am so new at this, and I am having such a hard time GETTING IT.....Is it the A.D.D....? Oh look, there is a chic.... KIDDING!

So, spread the news.... you must "follow me" on my blog and follow me on my facebook page, and come 300 followers... $25.00 giveaway.... it isn't much - but it is something, and hell, a girl has to eat! BBWWHHHAAA!!! This is me... no one freak out, take things the wrong way.... I am full of life... love to make folks laugh... I totally think I am a comedian, but sometimes my son and husband look at me and wonder what happened... I am most certain!

So, it is Tuesday.... tomorrow is HUMP DAY! So we are HALF WAY there... WOOT!

Now I want to take a moment to THANK Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, etc... because I have met (not in person-but via the WWW) some of the most amazing people EVER. People, I have created LIFE LONG friendships with people whom I have never "graced their presence" (if you will)... I find that to be a miracle... such a blessing... so, you hear people bitch and moan about the internet and all the bad things, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the wonderful things it can do... and for that, I am FOREVER grateful.... My love to you all.... you know who you are. I am a better person because I/you found me... each one plays a different role, but there was a reason for that....

With that - you know the routine ! I leave you NOT with a quote, but with a PICTURE... aren't animals the greatest... we can learn a GREAT deal from them.. but I will talk about that another day! Go make it great ! Hugs and love!


  1. Well...Tickle Me Pink...Don't take this the wrong way...BUT you COMPLETE ME! I'm the box of used misfit crayons from all walks of life...silver swirls, gem tones, metallic, glitter, color mix-up, and not to forget scented. I sooo gettcha! Nice to meet ya! XOXO

  2. Um, you have a crapload of followers! How??? lol... I've had my blog for YEARS... and I only have 40, you are well on your way girl!!!

    :) :) Lovin' the blog! And that photo!!!

  3. WOW! I am so stoked about this.. and "YOU COMPLETE ME".... how can my whole entire MONTH NOT BE FULL OF HAPPINESS?.... thanks so much for that... I appreciate you all... more than you know... I will keep posting... keep coming back... !!! SMOOCHES!