December 14, 2011


In the top right hand corner of my post - it says... a girl with BIG DREAMS.... well, I have HUGE dreams.... I live in the suburbs.... not by choice, but for a better life for my son, and a better school for him to attend.... Some might not agree, but I feel I should live for him throughout his schooling and do what is right for him and then live for me when his schooling is complete and he is able to live on his own... that does not mean I don't get my nails done, and do things for me every once in a while, but I do give my family a lot more of me than I give myself.... (okay - back to the subject at

My dreams... I dream of having a little house, at this point it can be a shack (IDC)...on some land... with LOTS of animals (not farm animals but dogs and cats).... and a garden (both food and flowers)... surrounded by nature.... In my home I will have old, rusty, crusty, weathered treasures! Totally polar opposite of what I have now.... It is funny, because it seems that most of the people that I meet have this already... (I secretly want to kick their butts - KIDDING!)....

So... When I see something... and I know in my heart of hearts... that I will NEVER find another piece like it... I buy it.. and I save it, as I state... "for my future farmhouse that does not exist"... crazy, of course... abnormal and absurd... HAAAIIILLLLL YYEEEAHHHHHH... but what is NORMALCY? And I truly believe, without dreams, or a bucket list .... you die...

Yeah... I forgot about that... here I am skipping all over the place! I get so excited... bare with me ! My bucket list is short... and I need to do some major thinking (the movie BTW inspired me - and everyone should see the movie and have a list).... but it consists of the farmhouse, but also sky diving, going to Germany.... owning my own shoppe (like not having work my corporate job), my Etsy shoppe being featured in Country Living and/or BHG (that is a far, and some personal things I will keep personal for now....

Anyone else out there have a bucket list or big dreams? I'd love for you to share them with me... would make me feel as though I am not the only crazy person out there.. BBWWHHHAAA... It is ok... I like me.... That is all that matters... and you are here, so you must like me a little bit to, huh?

With that... I wish you the Happiest of Hump Days.... (take that how you will) and this....

"Edward Cole: Here's something to remember when you're older Thomas - never pass up a bathroom, never waste a hard-on, and never trust a fart.
Thomas: I'll remember that when I start "decrepitating" sir."
-The Bucket List


  1. i had an acupuncture doctor many years ago when my son was about 4...she was primarily a pediatrician but did accupuncture, too. she told me you can't live exclusively for your kids. you need to do things for yourself or you won't be good for anyone else. i wish i had listened to her.

  2. I know Suki... you tell me all the time... but this was mostly about my dreams... and where I want to go... and I wanted some input... but I got none... I will keep my chin up and keep plugging.... sooner or later someone will answer me other than you- my rock star #1, right? LOL
    Love you !