December 26, 2011

Working on goals....

As the New Year approaches, we always set goals and/or resolutions for ourselves..It is secondhand... it is WHAT WE DO every single year. Some of us stick to it... some of us don't... well, I started early and I WILL stick to it!

Today I walked (briskly) a little over 4 miles... it was cold (well for us sissies in Texas - lol).... and it felt GREAT! I gave up on myself a couple of weeks ago... I was walking without hesitation, eating well, basically doing everything I needed to do to keep the weight off that I fought for so long to lose. THEN WINTER SET IN AND THE TIME CHANGED... and I MADE EXCUSES... and well, those excuses made my butt get bigger...So here I sit almost 10 pounds heavier and now even more weight to lose....

Why do we easily give up on ourselves? Aren't we so much better than that? Don't we deserve to allot ourselves some time to do what we need to do to feel better? As mom', wives, etc. - we throw ourselves to the wayside and give time to everyone else but us.... we forget that we must have that time to ourselves..... no, we DESERVE THAT TIME!

So I am trying this new exercise regimen that I found on, guess where? PINTEREST! My favorite place... really, it is like Wal-Mart on the internet...bwwhhha... and I am sticking to it... I will either get up earlier in the morning or do it first thing when I get home from work. I would take a before pic of myself, but I think I will kill the computer... yeah, I am looking that bad... BWWHHHAAA!

So here is to us !~ Taking time for ourselves.... being better, looking better, feeling better - which = a happier family... cause when momma's happy - everyone is happy!! LOL!

I will keep you informed of my progress! Super stoked/excited !

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and MADE MEMORIES to last a lifetime.....
I bid you adieu... until next time....


  1. Way to go! It is so easy to give up - why - I don't know! You are right - we put ourselves last after our family. I did the couch to 5K program last spring-summer. I loved it. I got new running shoes for Christmas and we are having a very mild winter so far. So I hope to keep it up!

  2. Hey JANE! Thanks for commenting.... I tried that coach to 5K, and IT WORKS, but I had a hard time with it because of some herniated discs in my lower back. Running is so much harder on your body than walking, so for now, I must stick to walking. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments and the fact that you have stuck with it ! YOU ROCK! And again, I am so happy you commented! I was beginning to wonder if anyone read my posts!
    Smooches !

  3. Been following you on facebook -- now checking out the blog!! Best of luck on your new program for 2012--I just started walking again as well -- same story of doing well, taking off some pounds, and then making excuses. Here's to 2012 and smaller butts!!!!

  4. HERE IS TO SMALLER BUTTS AND BIGGER BOOBS! BWWHHAA! I have had folks contact me and want to do this thing with my virtually... can you feel the excitement inside of me!?!?! I am so excited about this... WOOHOOO! I have about 20-25, maybe 30 (have to see how I look/feel) to lose...

    So ladies, rock on .... look out world - HERE WE COME!

    And thanks for being here ! Means the mostest !!!!!!!!!!!