December 27, 2011


This is absolutely crazyThis is what living in Texas is like.. our ENTIRE Christmas holiday weekend was was and really cold.... woke up this morning to ice
; however, when I leave work it will be warmer.....

Check out the future forecast... 70's by mid week? Insane !

Oh, and back to the diet thing... had 84 ounces of water today and I feel like I weigh 400 pounds... my stomach is protruding like crazy.... oh lawd help me !


  1. i'm thinking the first one is called guacamole out her...never heard of anyone putting water in it. some put mayonnaise instead of sour cream. i just use avocado, garlic salt, hot sauce, chopped tomatoes and some lime or lemon juice.

    never thought to cook the tomatoes and chiles first. usually just throw it all in the blender and let it be chunky.

  2. I am telling you Suki - hands down - up there with the great ones.. LAMO! Wish you could try it... SOOOOO good.. the water is just to help with the consistency... don't want it too thick... or too runny either... thank you for ALWAYS reading and ALWAYS commenting... YOU ROCK! and I love you !